okay guys someone the other day asked for a bow tutorial so here it is! :> I hope it is helpful.

It’s not exactly the precise archery information and it’s not completely accurate for shooting. I tried to simplify things for artists and include what you guys need to know to depict bows at least a little accurately—and remember as always, references are great in addition to looking through tutorials

Tumblr made them weeny but the magnifying glass will take you to full view


part 1 full size

part 2 full size

part 3 full size

(Fuente: hallaheart)



adfjasdfh the original description has fled!!! O_o FUUUUH!!!!

Well, to see the full animation click here ^^

I just want to stare at this all day uwu




Enough of you seemed interested, or at least curious!, about this, so I gave it a shot! It is rather short and condenses lots of information, but I think it manages to get its points across, especially if someone is a beginner and needs to learn the very bare (no pun intended - well, maybe a little) basics.

Like I said, someday maybe I will do a more detailed version with more on clothes and how it can affect shape, but that would also require me to conquer my fear of tutorials for a second time. WE’LL SEE.

ALSO. It wouldn’t be a proper tutorial on anatomical structure, if I didn’t put a disclaimer down here and say that there is never a good substitute for life drawing or real study of the human body if you want to learn the correct way something works. Even the examples shown here are stylized, so ENJOY but bear this warning in mind!

This is a great tutorial! I love how it literally dissects breasts to give you a better idea of not only what breasts actually ARE but how weight of the breasts and wearing a bra over them effect their shape. It’s also interesting that they brought up breasts with implants, too. Definitely worth a look! Also, might not be work safe for the obvious. 

oh excellent